Vintage Bleuettes

G-L 1927 Comme Autrefois

 The original G-L catalog dress had woven trim, but this vintage cotton reproduction has crocheted trim.  The matching hat, 1927 Bonne Femme, was sold with the dress.


LSDS 1928 # 30, Une Blouse

LSDS 1928 #46 Chapeau de Laine 

LSDS 1923, #51  Une blouse casaque

Mimi, the SFBJ 60 8/0 Bleuette, circa 1920, wears the LSDS 1923 Overblouse with matching skirt in dark red and black cotton print, with shoulder insets and belt crocheted of black cotton thread.  She also has a crocheted cloche of the 1920s.

LSDS 1921, #46  "Petite Cape"

Bertille, the antique 6/0 Bleuette, wears the 1921 Little Cape, made of rayon challis, and her fleece hat with fabric feather is LSDS 1924, #17. 

LSDS 1920, #11 "Casaque au Tricot"

Vintage and new fingering wool, crocheted instead of knitted.

Model is vintage Bleuette SFBJ 301-1, Madeline.

LSDS 1909, #24  "Robe de Toile"

Fabric gifted to me by Donna and Sandrine combined to create this apron dress for Premiere Bleuette, Lili.

LSDS 1915, #14 "Costume d' Alsacienne"

 A French regional costume worn by Vivienne, a premiere reproduction by Sheryl Williams.  The eyelet was a gift from Donna Neale.

Rochelle's Raspberry Batiste

Three costumes from La Semaine de Suzette made from the same raspberry batiste and printed crepe chiffon.  Here is the 1910 Robe Interieur worn by Lili, a premiere Bleuette.

Here is the 1925 Blouse Mariniere worn by Madeline, an SFBJ 301-1 Bleuette.


And finally 1932, #21, Charming Dress of Three Pieces of Fabric.  This is Franceline, an Unis France 301-1&1/4 Bleuette.

LSDS, 1919, # 27, "Robe Kimono" 

  Cotton batiste with lace inset and small bead trim. 

LSDS 1920, #5  "Manteau Kimono"

  Coat of novelty plaid cotton with linen collar and belt. 

Petal Pink Ensemble

Here is Bertille, the 6/0 Bleuette wearing a pattern from La Semaine de Suzette  1912, issue 37, Manteau Leger et Habille.

Her dress is 1912, #38, Robe Habillee.

Her hat is 1916, #4, Petit Chapeau en Laine.

Her lovely vintage fabrics were a gift from a doll-friend in France. Merci beaucoup, Sandrine!

LSDS 1906 "Jupe a' Pelerine"

 1906 Jupe a' Pelerine made of embroidered linen; antique straw hat and button

This is an un-illustrated pattern from the early days of La Semaine de Suzette, the first pattern with seam allowance included.

It was translated by Agnes Sura, who kindly sent me a copy.  

This beautiful fabric was sent to me by Aletha Putney--thanks, Ike!

Winter Coats from the LSDS Patterns  



LSDS 1906, issue 24

Manteau de Voyage

Wool with chain stitch embroidery


LSDS 1909, issue 18

Manteau de Voyage

Plaid cotton with 28 buttons


LSDS 1913, issue 2

Manteau d' Hiver

Fleece with cotton plaid scraps from the previous coat

Bridal Gowns for Bleuette: Three of the Four Patterns








       "Petit Bob" G-L catalog fashion reproduced

 Navy blue wool trimmed with red middy braid and gold buttons.

 Made of rayon challis with a silk blouse, Cranement is a reproduction of a 1932 Gautier-Languereau catalog fashion.

I made the braided straw hat, while the leather handbag was made by Dede Kern.  The antique-style buttons were made by Sue Wing. Pattern by Robin Barrows.










Here we have two versions of the LSDS 1921, #44 pattern called Robe a Bretelles, made in gingham and in vintage dimity.  Sisters like to dress alike, but not necessarily identically.

The bag on the left and hat on the right are crocheted.







 Made of the same rayon challis as Cranement above, this dress is created from the 1919 pattern Robe a Paniers published in La Semaine de Suzette, issue 45 of that year.

The pattern is shown behind  Bleuette.












Here is another ensemble made from the patterns of La Semaine de Suzette:  the four-gore skirt is from the 1947 issue # 48 and the long-sleeved blouse with cross-stitching is from the same year, issue #41.  The hair-cover or "snood" is similar to the pattern published in issue #21, of 1948: Maintenir le Cheveux (Hair Maintainer).

LSDS 1939, # 36  Sur la Plage: Un Pareo pour Bleuette                

For the Beach: A Pareo for Bleuette -- A Tahitian-style Sunsuit

 A 6/0 Bleuette reproduction by Suzanne McBrayer models her cotton print sundress, with the cross-over top which buttons to the skirt.

G-L "Le Beau Jour" -- First Communion

Batiste dress with tulle veil, batiste cap, and a crocheted alms purse. 

Antique 60 8/0 Bleuette, Genevieve, models this gown.